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Greetings I am CloneFlavour,

born on 20th October 1978 in Asia. At the young age of one, my family and I embarked on a courageous journey by boat, referred to as “Boatpeople”, seeking refuge in China. From there, we later flew to Central Europe, and it has become the focal point of my life ever since.


CloneFlavour, a graphic designer and a musician influenced by daily life.

During my early years, I delved into the world of music starting with the Glockenspiel and engaging in “Musische Früherziehung” for early music education. Following that, I dedicated three years to the flute, six years to classical guitar, and two years to the violin. At the age of 14, I had the opportunity to showcase my talent in the renowned “Jugend Musiziert” competition, where I attained an impressive second place in the classical guitar category. Shortly after, my artistic endeavors were acknowledged with the prestigious “Acknowledgment of Youngster of Art” in St. Pölten. 


And then I found the electric guitar.

At the age of 15, I embarked on my musical journey in high school, actively participating in music projects such as “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Hair” and a rock band. Additionally, I joined the Highschool Big Band, where I played the bass. An amusing school project I was involved in, was a Christmas carol school recording, which was later broadcasted on “Blue Danube Radio.”


Then life happened.

I decided to dedicate myself to the study of graphic design. My journey began at the “Kommunikations-Design-Kolleg” in Pöchlarn and continued at the “New Design Center” in St. Pölten. While I didn’t have any notable achievements during this time, the years seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye.

Now, with a renewed sense of purpose, I am eager to share a part of myself with the world. Through my music and ideas, I hope to captivate and resonate with others, allowing them to catch glimpses of the different facets that compose my life’s tapestry. Your support and appreciation mean the world to me, as it emboldens my journey of self-expression. Thank you for joining me on this creative voyage.

… best listen repeatedly until enjoyment. – CloneFlavour

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